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Planning and Design

From conceptual project sketching to implementation and all the steps in between, STI Outdoors provides clients with comprehensive trail design and planning services.  We have designed more than 250-miles of trail-ready for construction.  Our specialty is the creation of durable, site-specific designs that minimize the impact on natural resources while planning for efficient, on-time, cost-effective project completion.

Our planning process considers a site in its entirety, in order to identify areas of significance and extract tangible meaning from the terrain. Most importantly, our planning process includes protecting natural resources, as well as cultural history. Coupled with our client's perspective and additional stakeholder requirements in order to create well-defined objectives, we can help develop a complete and actionable approach for successful project implementation. Our goal is to ensure that project planning and design efforts are a thoughtful, cost-effective process based on user needs and interests.

Geospatial Technologies

Dedicated to providing adaptive, effective and focused solutions to recreation projects, we provide specialized technological services for facility design, field assessment, and creation of visualizations to support client communications and public outreach.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Data acquisition and compilation

  • Database model design and management 

  • Terrain modeling, slope analysis, contour mapping 

  • Land status, right-of-way, and ownership research 

  • Transportation and infrastructure mapping 

  • Recreational trail and facility mapping 

  • Conceptual project design visualizations 

  • Hydrology, ecology and geology resource mapping

  • Spatial relationship analysis and proximity modeling

  • GPS-enabled assessment and inventory surveys 

  • UAV supported aerial photography and mapping 

  • Professional cartographic presentation 

  • Trail-level "TrailView" photo inventory mapping for as-built trail and/or trail condition monitoring

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